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How to Plan a Birthday Party

Posted by admin on March 16, 2014

Birthday parties can leave everlasting memories, especially in the mind of your birthday boy or girl. A birthday party can make your child feel like a king or queen on that very special day. But, where and how should you even begin to plan?  Here are some tips...

Party Theme

Be sure it's your kid's favorite theme - ever. It doesn't matter to adults what the theme is, but it does to children, especially to the birthday boy or girl. Whether it's a popular cartoon character, a sports, dinosaurs, or a Barbie theme, your child must identify with it and instantly recognize it with joy.

Guest List

If your child is not in school yet, then is all up to you. However, once he/she starts school, make sure you consult with your child so that their friends can be invited to the party. Make sure to not over-look information information like the event time, date, and directions.  Include special details like bounce house, bring extra clothing for the swimming pool, and adults should accompany children.


Ambiance is everything. A big inflatable or 2 will give a "wow" effect, especially as invitees enter. 


Depending on the age range of your guests, outside entertainment could be a big hit. Be careful though to match the length and type of entertainment with the age and attention span of your attendees. Younger children may become bored by a lengthy performance that goes on longer than 45 minutes. Some younger children either love or at are afraid of clowns. As a compromise you consider requesting that your entertainer wear a scaled down outfit but bring the same level of silly and engaging entertainment.  For older children consider more sophisticated entertainment such as a magician who can challenge their minds. In the end try to match your entertainment as closely as possible with the developmental abilities of your child and your event attendees. 

Organize Help

Don't go at it alone. Your event can become a hit with a team of supporters and helpers. Bring them on board.